About | Ansima Safaris
Ansima safaris ltd is a leading tour and travel company located in the heart of Kampala city (Capital city of Uganda) On Kampala Road, 2nd floor Uganda house, office number 5.8, Po box 9206 Kampala Uganda East Africa. Ansima is a fully registered and licensed company,

Ansima services include; safari Specifications, travel consultation, and accommodation reservations for lodging, Honey moon packages, Air ticketing, Volunteer - tourism and distribution, amongst other related services.

Ansima differentiates itself as the premier adventure travel company in the East African region for both inbound and out bound tour and travel destinations.

We promote culture and social sharing trips, community and village stays, and work hand in hand with conservation organisations to develop tourism at the lowest village level. we help local communities, to identify critical wildlife, culture, and physical features, for purposes of conservation and tourism.


Internally we intend to create and nurture a healthy, exuberant, respectful, and enjoyable environment, in which our employees are fairly compensated and encouraged to respect the environment, customer and the quality of the service we intend to provide. In addition, follow-up will be mandatory so as ensure customer satisfaction and make improvements as recommended by the customers in future. We seek fair and responsible profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy for the short and long term, and to fairly remunerate employees for the work and effort.


Ansima safaris managed by a board of trustees that are committed to its progress, Ansima Safaris employs 11 permanent workers in positions of general manager, Tour operations manager, accountants, reservationists, administrators, tour guides, cleaner and clerk that are committed.

Ansima employees are skilled and knowledgeable about the industry and keep updated through attending tourism, transport, marketing and other related conferences. The company provides all the necessary equipments to allow staff deliver to clients. There is team work and brotherhood in the company that make every employee belong or attached to the company and the entire tourism industries making the working environment comfortable, lovable and a lot easier. In addition to respect of workers' rights, like payments, work leave, allowance, the company has work incentives like free holiday trips, company annual parties, logistics trips and end of year packages. This makes our team love their work and in return our clients are served with unquestionable integrity and service is beyond their expectations.


Ansima Safaris provides travel solutions to all kinds of clients, individual and group travel to leisure clients. Services and products to our clientele include;
Safaris Resident volunteer safari programs Adventurous Safaris In and out of country vacations and safaris Cultural safaris Air Ticketing Honey moon packages Airport pickups and drop offs Short excursions out of town Organising company retreats Meetings Incentives Conferences and Events

Ansima Safaris offer service and knowledge a perceptive leisure traveler seeks whilst on vacation, with the intention of seeing and appreciating the numerous sights in the Uganda and also outside Uganda. Keeping in mind the comfort of a tourist, our fleet is very well maintained and designed as per customer standard and expectations. However not wanting to limit ourselves we also provide special hire by churches, organizations, groups, schools and sports teams, any how you want it.


Uganda Kenya Tanzania Rwanda


Since our inception, we have become one of the region's leading travel company. With our fleet of over 9 vehicles all customized for upcountry and irregular roads , with open roofs and baggage carriers. Our safari vehicles are designed in a way that every traveler gets a window seat and the light luggage are put in the middle. This gives every traveler in a group safari a chance to have a clear view along the way.

All our Safari clients are entitled to free airport pick and drop courtesy of the company, if booked with Ansima safaris.


We have a fleet of cars for car hire, whichever car you need, we provide at a considerable cost. Our vehicles are well kept and ready to use at anytime you need them. We work 24/7 and our quotation depend on the distance and time spent with the vehicle. Our drivers are all conversant with the road safety act, (we make sure) have valid driving permits, we retain a copy at our office and these are people you can trust on your journeys with your lives and the lives of your loved ones. They can handle any situation.

Why us?

We are reliable, are offices are easy to access, fully registered have license to carry out our operations and very knowledgeable about Uganda because we are natives. Flexibility
Our scope is currently limited Uganda and Rwanda. This is no coincidence as we purpose to focus on what we know and what we do best. Our guiding principle is to work with each client, family and group in an individual way. Our team is open tp explore your requirements/ interests / style of travel(family, group or single, budget, moderate or luxury), time frame and any other factors that would influence your trip – to come up with an itinerary best suited to you, your family or group. Our tours offer the best value for your money. Peace of Mind
We are a fully registered company under the ministry of tourism with valid licenses and certificates which can be traced easily in cases of misunderstandings and doubts.
Local knowledge and experience in the Region
As indigenous people, we have a very intimate knowledge of the cultures, land and history of East Africa. Ansima Safaris team have personally visited all the destinations and accommodation we offer and regularly make return trips to make sure everything meets with our high standards. Although we have sample itineraries and group trips, our speciality is creating custom safaris, listening to what you would like to see and experience during your trip and creating a truly unique experience. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to take you off the beaten path, to explore the cultures and lands of East Africa! The Best Pricing
We have the best competitive prices for our clientele. whether you try other means to arrange your own safari directly through the hotels and lodges you will find our prices more favourable. Our competitive pricing and extensive contacts throughout Uganda allows us to provide our clients with incredible value. Our dedication to securing the best prices while delivering perfect service prevails in every little thing we do. Accomodation
Accommodation is compelling and will greatly depend on your budget. There are several types ranging from 5-star hotels/lodges and luxury tented camps to the more basic adventurous camping for those who want to “rough it”. We can and will help you choose from the list when planning your trip. At whatever level, we provide the very best for our guests.
Our Environmental Policy

As a tour and travel company we intend to positively impact the environment. We believe that a healthy environment is necessary for the well-being and vitality of our customers, our employees, the communities we serve, and for society at large.

Ansima Safaris has plans to pursue initiatives, implemented programs, and advocate for policies that raised the bar on environmental stewardship not only for our industry, Uganda economy, in general. Projects that we will lead or be part of will help us, our customers, and our communities save the environment

Our environmental policy reflects our environmental commitment and challenges us to find ways to produce, deliver, and use our nature resources sustainably, responsibly, and efficiently as possible. It is our policy to:

To comply with all environmental laws in this country as put in place by the responsible environmental bodies like NEMA, NFA, UWA amongst others. Seek opportunities to exceed current standards of environmental protection, including pollution prevention, climate protection, and habitat and species protection amongst others; Lead efforts to craft and reform laws and regulations to create more effective policies and greater environmental benefits in Uganda and around; Improve management programs and standards that foster environmental excellence and innovation and reduce our impact on the environment; Ensure that regular independent reviews of all environmental aspects of our business are conducted through a risk-based audit plan and corrective action program; Enhance our transparency with regard to environmental progress and performance and provide this information to the public; Maintain a constructive dialogue with our customers and stakeholders on environmental matters and seek out partnerships to achieve results more effectively and efficiently; Train all employees on applicable environmental requirements and the importance of environmental leadership to achieving our vision, and ensure that there is accountability for and recognition of actions; We intend to benefit the communities in which our tourism programs that are carried out in order to keep them from destroying the environment as an alternative to unemployment frustrations. We intend to this through provision of employment opportunities, their by improving their standards of living and their income percapita, educational programs to the communities, market support through providing market for their products like crafts, food products and local services like translation; Strive for continual improvement in our environmental performance.