Ansima Safaris Car Rental Services
Ansima Safaris Uganda offers best car rental services to our clients that take the priority of making holidays and adventure trips in Uganda and Rwanda and Africa as a whole Uganda the perfect drive holiday destination

Uganda the pearl of Africa has got the best of everything the continent has to offer packed into one small wonderful country. This also means that one can drive between almost all the country’s top highlights in just less than half a day. The road conditions throughout the country are so good and improving as the government is putting in a lot of efforts to implement the road programs. All the roads radiating out of the capital city of Kampala are well constructed. The tourism sector in Uganda is also growing and thanks go to the National Geographic and the lonely planet. There are also many establiments opening up across the country. Ansima Safaris will help you explore the pearl of Africa with ease by either self-drive or by our experience field driver.

The Fleet

Our rental fleet is also based on the Toyota RAV 4 and the Toyota Land cruiser VX. These are among the popular vehicles in Uganda. The RAV 4 is compact, economical, robust and easy to drive. It has an automatic transmission and continuous four wheel drive, which also makes it ideal for the hilly terrain of Uganda. Again the Land cruiser vx has a 4.2 Turbo diesel engine and is a much bigger car than the RAV 4, with the higher ground clearance, a large trunk for large space and the bigger tyres. The vehicle is also ideal for rough roads and the family trips as well. All the cars used by Ansima Safaris are fully insured and serviced at the workshop before a every trip. There is always a backup vehicle ready in Kampala, and also in case of injuries, you can easily rely on us 24 hours a day

Pre-booked self-drive or with driver

We are also very flexible in helping our clients to create their own adventure since we can arrange for a drive/ guide, airport pick up and drop off services are available, in case you want to experience the joy and privacy of self-drive in Uganda, you can book with Ansima safaris Ltd in order to enjoy driving in Uganda.

Our Fleet:

For our fleet, we have greatly decided to choose the Toyota Land cruiser VX, Super customs, saloon cars, safari cars, luxury cars, minivan, buses and Toyota RAV 4

Toyota Land Cruiser VX

The Toyota Land cruiser VX is a very sturdy and reliable car. It has a powerful 4.2 Turbo Diesel engines and high ground clearance. This is also well equipped with comfortable leather seats, a small built in fringe, air conditioning and a radio with connection port for your USB and the ipod. The vehicles is a must have when travelling on the rough roads, to different places. It also fits a family of five when travelling with young children, and up to four adults with private luggage and the camping gear. The land cruiser is a spacious car, with nearly 5m in length

Toyota Rav 4

Toyota Rav4 is sporty, robust and compact, as well as being easy and economical to drive. It’s also able to take you to the four corners of the country. This can be automatic transmission and is in continuous four wheel drive, an excellent feature given the hilly terrain of Uganda and its neighboring countries. Its fuel consumption is very compared to other 4x4 models, which will give you an excellent value for your money. It has a gasoline engine and a fuel capacity of 60 liters with a calculated range between 650-700km depending on the terrain and driving behavior. The fleet also consists of two models, both with the same engine and transmission specifications; a smaller 2 door Rav4, suitable for up to 2 people with the camping and a reasonable amount of luggage and the standard 4 door Rav 4, which can fit up to 4 people. The Toyota Rav 4 is the most common 4x4 in Uganda.

All our cars have air conditioning and the radio with connection port for the USB AND IPod. The cars are equipped with a spare tyre, car jack, and the jumping cables as well as bradt travel guide is also provided. Each of the cars is fully serviced at the workplace after every single trip. There is always a replacement in case of any damage to the rented car.

Needed Precautions

Our clients should be rest assured that all the roads moving out of Kampala to all the parts of Uganda are asphalted. The road conditions are good for the country and ever improving at the same time. We encourage the clients to use the land cruiser since it’s more comfortable. It’s however important to put the following precautions at hand by every client.

  • A. All the clients are advised to drive at a speed limit below 100km/h on the highway and 80 or 50 km/h in the urban areas.
  • B. You should also be aware of the unmarked speed bumps which are many in most of the parts of the country.
  • C. You should also drive defensively in Uganda
  • D. Avoid driving while drunk especially at night.
  • E. You are also advised to carry some cash, water and a charged mobile phone which will help you handle any situation.
  • F. A flat tyre can happen easily; this requires that you carry an extra tyre in the car.
Fleet Description:
The Saloon Cars

The small car hire range also provides economic travel in Uganda for the budget conscious. The prices also range from (40-100) Us dollars per day lease inclusive of the driver but without fuel. The car hire is also based on limited mileage and applies to travel within Uganda (The terms and conditions apply)

Safari Cars

This is one of the best known 4x4 WD that you can use for your tour in Uganda’s national parks and the Rural country side. This car hire is also based on the limited mileage and also applies to travel within the country. (100- 150) US Dollars.

The Intermediate Cars

The intermediate cars also combine power with space for five adults or a small family. Explore Uganda in roomy comfort. The prices also range (50-100) us dollars per day dry lease inclusive of a driver but without fuel. The car hire is also based on limited mileage and also applies to travel in Uganda (The terms and conditions apply)

Luxury Cars

Ansima has got luxury cars for corporate travel and diplomat travel. Travel with class while in Uganda with the company cars. The prices also range from (100-250) us dollars per day dry lease inclusive of the driver but without fuel.


An Ansima safari has got minivans for hire to groups of eight up to twelve. Make sure to find the class to suit your large number. In this category, we have 4x4 safari Mini buses with the capacity ranging from 6 seater to 14 seater and they have also got a pop roof for game viewing purposes. These have also got diesel powered engines and come with a driver guide but without fuel. The cost per day also ranges from USD (50-140) per day dry lease inclusive of a driver but without fuel, depending on the carrying capacity. There are also executive Toyota Super customs and the Toyota Regius which are convenient for the delegates, family and town running purposes. These carry a maximum of 7 people, having a sliding roof and the cost is USD (100-140) per day


Also looking for cars that support large group travel. We have the mini buses and the buses for hire that will meet your tastes and the budget. In the category, there is the 29- 35 seater bus with air conditioning and the cost is (120-150) dollars per day with a driver but without fuel.

The Rates also include;

  • Comprehensive Car insurance
  • Unlimited Mileage/Kilometers
  • 24 hour road assistance
  • No hidden costs

Our Company is very flexible in helping you create your own adventure: Airport or Hotel pick up and drop off services are also available, we also have the potential organizing a dedicated driver for your road trip in the wilderness and in case you want to explore beyond Uganda, we allow international border crossings.