Ansima Safaris company profile
Ansima safaris ltd is a leading tour and travel company located in the heart of Kampala city (Capital city of Uganda) On Kampala Road, 2nd floor Uganda house, office number 5.8, Po box 9206 Kampala Uganda East Africa. Ansima is a fully registered and licensed company, in Uganda. Ansima safaris Ltd is also a member of Uganda Tourism, Association of Uganda Tour operators, Africa Travel and Tourism Association and the association for the promotion of Tourism in Africa.

We are approved to take you for best safaris in Africa under projected values handled with professionalism. All our clients who have tested our services are already convinced and satisfied with our organization of safaris especially when it comes to wildlife and gorilla safaris in Uganda Rwanda and Congo. For details about our how happy our clients, check out our testimonials moderated at, the unbiased consumer review site in the safari industry.


In a period of ten years, we see Ansima safaris as a model tour company which is environmental & community conscious.


Internally, we intend to create and nurture a healthy, exuberant, respectful, and enjoyable Environment, in which our employees are encouraged to explore and develop a quality respectful, staff- client Environment to provide the best services in the tourism and travel industry in Uganda.

Company Values

Integrity, Care, professionalism and dedication are also some of the core values that underpin in the business approach of Ansima safaris Ltd. This company has also established itself as a strong and reliable company that guarantees quality, competitive and consistency prices. The other core values of the company are also excellent customer service, innovation, flexibility, eco- tourism and accessibility.

Sales and Marketing

Ansima safaris works closely with Ugandan Government, the Association of Uganda Tour operators and Uganda Wildlife Authority in order to guarantee quality service, consistency and flexibility. This company is at the fore front of marketing Uganda and strives to expand its international collaborations.

Our main Contacts include;

Management & Staff

Ansima safaris managed by a board of trustees that are committed to its progress, Ansima Safaris employs 11 permanent workers in positions of general manager, Tour operations manager, accountants, reservationists, administrators, tour guides, permanent drivers cleaner and clerk that are committed. Ansima employees are skilled professionals, and very knowledgeable about the tourism industry, the road safety act, environmental conservation and the cultural richness of our great lakes region and Uganda. The years spent in this field by our employees gives us a cutting edge over other companies.

Our Drivers

Since our drivers are also your guides, we refer to them as driver guides which is self-explanatory from the term we use. Our friendly and experienced driver guides are fully prepared to provide you with a memorable and outstanding safari. You are in the hands of knowledge professionals. The guides frequently travel around east Africa to update their knowledge about the localities as well as looking for new destinations.

The experienced driver- guides are personally trained by us and well versed on various parks, game, birds, plants and relevant information pertaining to touring. Our drivers and representatives can draw on their local knowledge to ensure that you get the most out of your holiday when you are in Uganda. They can also give insights in to the real Africa, letting you learn about the country you are in as well as the flora and fauna.

We attract staff that are passionate about Ansima safari’s fundamental defining principles which includes dedication to the following:

  • Care of the land
  • Care of the wildlife
  • Care of the local people
  • Care of the guests

Training is a way of life at Ansima safaris and we have carefully selected driver guides that understand the core value of learning and sharing their knowledge.

Our guests have always provided valuable and positive feedback about our drivers which really reflects on the highest level of training that we have continuously provided to our entire team at Ansima safaris which has enabled the people we employ to truly become an asset for our company. Furthermore, we would like to point out that all of our drivers are permanently hired on a full time basis as opposed to contract basis. The advantage is that our drivers receive a fixed monthly salary together with accommodation and meals that are paid for by us. Therefore, our drivers are happy and in return they provide an excellent service to our clients. Unfortunately other companies in Uganda try to cut costs by having contract drivers who are paid much less and therefore unable to match the kind of service that our full time drivers offer.


Ansima services include; tours and travel(safari Specifications), car rentals, airport transfers and deliveries, gorilla and chimp tracking, birding and nature exploration, culture and adventure exploration, travel consultation, Honey moon packages, Air ticketing, volunteer – tourism and Hotel reservation. Amongst other related services. Ansima differentiates itself as the premier Volu - adventure travel Company in the East African region for both inbound and out bound tour and travel destinations.

We promote culture and social sharing trips, community and village stays, and work hand in hand with conservation organisations to develop tourism at the lowest village level. We help local communities, to identify critical wildlife, culture, and physical features, for purposes of conservation and tourism.

Cultural tours in Uganda

Uganda has four main traditional and well established kingdoms; Buganda, Toro Bunyoro and Busoga. The country has also got many tribes which practice age old culture, customs and traditions including the batwa pygmies in Bwindi, the Banyankole commonly known for their long horned cattle as well as the nomadic Karamojong’s living in the remote semi-arid north east bordering Kenya and south Sudan. The historical sites including the Kasubi Tombs (the burial grounds for ancient Baganda Kings), the Uganda martyr’s shrine in Namugongo, and the hospitable people of Uganda.

Adventure Tours in Uganda

As far as adventure is concerned in Uganda, we lead and others follow come face to face with the rare mountain gorillas in their habitat with silverback heading the family. There is chimpanzee trekking and habituation in Kibale National Forest National park. Catch Uganda’s white water rafting amongst the rapids of the magnificent River Nile, bungee jumping, quad biking, and speed boats. Experience the challenging mountain climbing on Mountain Rwenzori and Mount Elgon on the Uganda/ Kenya border.

The Future

At Ansima Safaris, we pride ourselves in being original, innovative and creative, especially when it comes to new developments in the tourism industry. In this way, we are one of the few tour companies which not only offer classic safari routes throughout Uganda, but also offer off the beaten track services in to the lives of the ordinary communities.

What do we do?:

Our major Objectives;

1. Ansima safaris is a ground operator

As a ground operator, we are able to provide a professional personal service and deal with any problems which may arise during a trip with professionalism and efficiency. We work hand in hand with many reputable culture, wild life and environment conservation institutions from not only Uganda, but around the world.

2. Spreading our Wings

Though initially, Ansima Safaris’ focus was on the nature wild life and cultures of Uganda, we have been running trips to Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya Congo and south Sudan. So we take you where you want with a smile.

As much as we are a tours and travel company we are also involved into charity. Some of The revenue we get through our clients is channelled into the help of disadvantaged communities and families.

3. Group tours safaris

With a group safari, you get to experience a cheaper safari compared to a single traveler’s safari because here you get to share costs. This kind of safari is very fun seeing that you have people to relate with and share jokes for a great experience and millions of smiles.

At Ansima safari we offer budget, and volunteer safaris, to many of Uganda's National Parks, and adventure destinations. We give foreign volunteers special rates to travel to all these destinations.

Our Destiantions
  • Uganda
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Rwanda
  • D.R Congo
  • South Sudan
Our Safari Vehicles:

Since our inception, we have become one of the region’s leading travel company. With our fleet of vehicles which are all customized for upcountry and irregular roads, with pop up roofs- for easy wild life viewing, and baggage carriers. Our safari vehicles are designed in a way that every traveler gets a window seat and the light luggage are put in the middle. This gives every traveler in a group safari a chance to have a clear view along the way. All our Safari clients are entitled to free airport pick and drop courtesy of the company, if booked with Ansima safaris.

Car Hire

We have a fleet of cars for hire, whichever car you need, we provide at a considerable cost. Our vehicles are well kept and ready to use at anytime you need them. We work 24/7 and our quotation depend on the distance and time spent with the vehicle. Our drivers are all conversant with the road safety act, (we make sure) have valid driving permits, we retain a copy at our office and these are people you can trust on your journeys with your lives and the lives of your loved ones. They can handle any situations.

The Fleet

Our rental fleet is also based on the 4 x4 super customs, min buses and the saloon cars, Toyota RAV 4 and the Toyota Land cruisers. These are among the popular vehicles in Uganda. Our fleet is economical, healthy and easy to drive. They have automatic transmissions and continuous four wheel drive, which also makes it ideal for the hilly terrain of Uganda. The vehicles are also ideal for rough roads and the family trips as well. All the cars used by Ansima are fully insured and serviced at the workshop for every trip. There is always a backup vehicle ready in Kampala, and also in case of injuries, you can easily rely on us 24 hours a day. Again the Land cruiser vx has a 4.2 Turbo diesel engine and is a much bigger car than the RAV 4, with the higher ground clearance, a large trunk for large space and the bigger tyres which are ideal for long and rough distances.

Why us?:

We are reliable, professionals and cater for all our clients’ needs. Our experience in the field of nature, cultural conservation education and related communities make Ansima safaris the best, travel and adventure company in the region.


our scope is currently limited Uganda, Kenya, Congo and Rwanda. This is no coincidence as we purpose to focus on what we know and what we do best. Our guiding principle is to work with each client, family and group in an individual way. Our team is open to advice and also advice on your requirements/ interests / style of travel (family, group or single, budget, moderate or luxury), time frame and any other factors that would influence your trip – to come up with an itinerary best suited to you, your family or group. Our tours offer the best value for your money.

Peace of Mind

We are a fully registered company under the ministry of tourism with valid licenses and certificates which can be traced easily in cases of misunderstandings and doubts as you will find attached

Knowledge & Experience in the Region

As indigenous people, we have a very intimate knowledge of the cultures, land and history of East Africa. Ansima Safaris team have personally visited all the destinations and accommodation we offer and regularly make return trips to make sure everything meets with our high standards. Although we have sample itineraries and group trips, our speciality is creating custom safaris, listening to what you would like to see and experience during your trip and creating a truly unique experience. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to take you off the beaten path, to explore the cultures and lands of East Africa!

The Best Pricing

Ansima Safaris has become known for its excellent service at an affordable price. Today, we offer a range of tours to suit all budgets.


Accommodation is compelling and will greatly depend on your budget. There are several types ranging from 5-star hotels/lodges and luxury tented camps to the more basic adventurous camping for those who want to “rough it”. We can and will help you choose from the list when planning your trip. At whatever level, we provide the very best for our guests.

Our Environmental Policy

As a tour and travel company we intend to positively impact the environment. We believe that a healthy environment is necessary for the well-being and vitality of our customers, our employees, the communities we serve, and for society at large. Ansima Safaris pursues initiatives, provides services, and advocate for policies that raised the bar on environmental stewardship not only for our industry, but Uganda in general. Initiatives at various levels that we help us, our customers, and our communities save the environment.